A female doctor showing the features of Karathon, one of the top 20 RPM platform in the world, to a guy


A medical symbol inside a shield shows HIPAA compliant feature of Karathon, one of the top RPM solution in the US.

 Secure and HIPAA Compliant


Bluetooth and wifi.png

Easy to connect and use Bluetooth and Wifi enabled medical devices


 Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution


No downloads required.png

 No Downloads Required for Web Use 

vital monitoring.png

Vitals Monitoring and Tracking

Care circle.png

Care circle participation allows you and your loved ones to always be informed

Artificial intelligence.png

 Artificial Intelligence workflow engine for better decision making 

all browsers.png

 Available on all Major Web Browsers 

Real-time vitals.png

Medication Adherence Tracking

Alerts for medications.png

Custom alerts and notifications for missed medications and abnormal vitals

Easy registration.png

 Quick and Easy Registration Process


ios app.png

 Available as an Apple iOS App 


Easy subscription model, just like Netflix


 Easy engagement and connectivity with providers and nurses


Simple & convenient.png

 Simple and Easy to Use



android app.png

 Available as an Android App