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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

Are the devices FDA compliant?

Yes. Hifinite's Karathon only supports devices that have been approved by the FDA.

Are the devices safe for pregnant women?

Yes. All devices on Karathon are safe to use by women who are pregnant and breast feeding. Devices supported by us are highly safe for all types of patients, including ones who have internal medical devices like stents or pacemakers.

If my loved one prefers to use a mobile device, is there an app they can get?

Yes, Karathon supports both Google's Android apps, and Apple's iOS apps.

Which browser can I access Karathon platform from?

Hifinite recommends Karathon to be run on Google Chrome, however, we support all the major browsers, including Apple's Safari, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Microsoft's Edge, Mozilla's Firefox, and others.

What do I need in order to use Karathon?

You will need access to the internet and a device supported by Karathon (web browser, Apple iPhone, and Android Devices).

Who sees the readings from my devices? Is Karathon HIPAA-compliant?

Readings are transmitted via an encrypted, secure network and are stored on our HIPAA-compliant cloud. Only you, people in your care circle, and providers/nurses can access your readings.